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Case Study: Managed IT Services For A Law Firm In Uniondale, NY

Date: March 25, 2017 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Long Island IT Services Tags: , Comments: 0

We provide managed IT services for a successful law firm in Uniondale, Long Island, NY. While the firm could probably afford to hire their own in house IT person an outsourced service provides many benefits a company simply can't get with their own in house person.


Managed IT services is not only about the support and fixing a technical problem once it occurs. At it's core it's about being proactive and watching for problems on your network before they occur. It's also about keeping a good relationship with your team which is important for company morale.


Managed IT Services In Uniondale, NY


Managed IT Services Saves You Money


Desktop and server monitoring which go a long way in preventing problems and cutting into production. For example, we monitor the hard drive space and when a drive starts getting filled to capacity we schedule some remote time to reduce clutter.


Security services in the form of a business grade anti-virus software all windows computers. From our central console we can make sure every station is being scanned on a daily and weekly basis. Our system also notifies us if the software stops running for some reason so we can get it running again.


Backing up your data is a big deal these days. Often times a business will set a backup, forget about it and just assuming it's running. A good backup should be monitored daily and have a test restore done on a regular basis to make sure it's actually working.


A good ticket system is helpful as well. A ticket system will let an IT company build a history on your equipment as well as notice trends and service your team in a more timely manner.


Lastly, vendor liaison is extremely important. Our client uses a specialized real estate software package that we help support. If a problem occurs we reach out to the vendor on their behalf and just take care of the problem in the background.


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