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Robust Security For Your Business

No Hardware To Purchase Always On 24x7

It's a scary world out there, everyday your business is getting targeted by sophisticated scams, attacks and threats. While every business should have good anti-virus software deployed on all their computers an extra layer of security will really decrease your chances of a data breach.


Our cloud firewall is a security as a service product that will provide extra security features desktop anti-virus software can't. The service scans all network traffic both inbound and outbound blocking accidental and intentional security threats. If someone from your team tries to download a malicious file it will be blocked even before it reaches your network.


The cost of downtime and data loss can be tremendous for any size business. When you have two layers of security your chances of a breach will decrease significantly. How can you afford not to?


New York IT Support Scans all outbound and inbound traffic from your network

New York IT Support Software client will allow roaming laptops to use the service

New York IT Support Protects against malware, malicious websites, cryptolocker and more

New York IT Support No hardware to purchase

New York IT Support Monthly reporting available for compliance purposes