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Disaster Planning Solutions For Any Business

We can provide a cost effective hybrid cloud backup solution for your business. Don't wait for a major hardware failure to find out your backups were never working. Our business IT services and cloud backup can protect any business including HIPAA compliant and financial companies.


We store our client data on Amazon S3 storage so you have complete peace of mind. We can keep duplicate sets of your critical data both locally and in the cloud, it's a perfect hybrid cloud backup solution. Our software also backs up your data to a local drive in your office so it's available at a moment's notice. You will never have to worry if a disaster strikes, your data will be in two unique places and monitored daily.


Neotech Networks also has business continuity solutions for servers and workstations in any size business environment especially for HIPAA compliance. Your servers can be duplicated in their entirety to a device that is available both locally and in the cloud. In the event of a server failure, instead of waiting for days to get back to business we can just flip a switch and the server will be available again. The server can even be started in the cloud and available elsewhere in the event of a major failure. How can you afford not to have that kind of data protection?


New York IT Support Protection against attacks like cryptolocker

New York IT Support Business continuity will have your server back in operation in 30 minutes

New York IT Support Simple file restoration within minutes with no downtime

New York IT Support Have complete peace of mind