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Are You A Doctor Or Dentist’s Office And Have WiFi? Make Sure It’s HIPAA Compliant

Date: March 19, 2017 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: HealthCare IT And HIPAA Compliance Tags: , Comments: 0

If you are a public facing healthcare provider in Manhattan such as a doctor or dental practice you most likely have wifi that both your team and guests in the waiting room can enjoy.


The question you need to ask yourself is have you audited and documented your wifi network lately? Here are some simple steps to follow to make sure your wifi is secure and your data is safe.


WiFi That Is HIPAA Compliant

Are Your Sure Your Guest Wifi Is Restricted?

So when your IT company first setup your wifi you had a guest wifi network that was completely separate from your internal network but when was the last time you verified that?

Perhaps a piece of hardware changed or config changes were made, you should be periodically testing to make sure your internal network is blocked from the guest wifi. You or your IT company should be making regular reviews with documented screenshots showing your internal network is being blocked. Of course someone connecting to the guest wifi with a laptop and trying to ping some internal devices won't hurt either.

WiFi Naming Scheme

You should never want to broadcast your wifi so it identifies the name of your practice, both your guest and private network. Your guest network can be named something fun but if the people in the offices above or below you know it's wifi network because your business name is in it's time to change it.


Update The Firmware

It's good practice to request and make sure your wifi hardware is always updated with the latest available software. Perhaps a fatal flaw was discovered a while back and updated firmware will close the hole.


Protect Your Physical Equipment

HIPAA also requires you physically protect your IT equipment. In the case of wifi devices it should be placed out of reach of where your patients can reach it such as high up on the wall or ceiling. Imagine if you had an access point underneath a table in the waiting room and someone with a laptop plugged into it and was able to see your entire internal network.


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