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Google Apps Sync For Outlook: Why You Can’t Search All Of Your Email

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: , Comments: 0

Google Apps Sync For Outlook is software from Google that allows Outlook to work with gmail, it’s a small application that runs in the background and requires very little interaction on the user’s part.



When you initially install and setup Google Apps Sync For Outlook it will default to a 1GB local mailbox size. What means is let’s say you have 4GB worth of email, Google Apps Sync will only download the latest 1GB worth. Where this has the most impact is email searching, you may have 2 years worth of work email but when searching outlook you are wondering why you are only seeing the last 6 months.


With a very simple change you can configure Google Apps Sync to keep an unlimited local mailbox which means it will download all of your email no matter how much you have. We configure this as the default setting whenever we set this up for a new user.


Go into your system tray in the lower right corner and find the Google Apps Sync application which is a green circle. Right click it and will bring up these options, you want to click the Set mailbox size limit.


Now you will see this screen, set this option to Unlimited, hit Ok and you are all set. Outlook will instantly start downloading the rest of your email if you have any as well as index it for searching purposes.



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