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[Case Study] Helping A Small Design Firm With Their IT Needs In Dumbo Brooklyn

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: , Comments: 0

We were recently contacted by a design firm located in Dumbo, Brooklyn NY that needed general networking and IT services support and it turns out we were an excellent fit for each other. Their environment consisted of mostly mac workstations and a Netgear file server that was critical in their day to day productivity.


Our initial assessment was done completely through email which was very convenient for our potential client and efficient. We provided our usual complimentary consultation to identify their needs and their wish list. The design firm reported that their Adobe products were crashing sometimes on the mac workstations, slow network performance and some very odd permission problems with files on their file server.

For network slowness we strongly recommended they hardwire their macs for optimal network performance. We have seen cases in the past where design firms prefer to be wireless but the fact is they handle many large files and their production workstations should be hardwired to provide the extra bandwidth. Our point of contact quickly drew up a network schematic of what the office network currently looked like and we were able to offer some insight on how to get all the workstations hardwired without turning into a huge, costly project.

Next was the Netgear file server and addressing the really odd sharing and file permission issues they were experiencing. We ultimately recommended replacing the Netgear NAS with a Synology DS713+ unit. While it’s sometimes difficult to recommend a complete replacement of hardware we have deployed many Synology units in both PC / Mac environments and experienced next to zero problems so we could make this recommendation with confidence. The DS713+ unit is a 2 bay NAS that allows for a mirrored hard drive configuration for added protection and other apps like syncing all the files with Google Drive for a backup and version protection.

Lastly, to address the applications being slow and crashing that was a matter of some simple optimizing on the mac workstations like fixing the disk permissions and fine tuning the Adobe applications.

Our new client is a small business just like we are so they required and received cost effective IT solutions for small businesses. If you are a company that is in need of New York IT Services please contact us for a free consultation.