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Mobile Device Management Explained: What Is It And Why You Might Want It

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: Comments: 0

Why should your company care about Mobile Device Management? Here are a few reasons.

Businesses more and more these days are worried about security - not only threats from the outside world but also threats from within. Those internal threats could range anywhere from an employee losing an ipad with confidential company data on it to having to terminate an employee who will have still have company documents on his phone. MDM can also be used to easily manage and track fleets of ipads and other mobile devices.


What is MDM? Mobile Device Management is a process in which you install a software agent on a mobile device such as an ipad and allows you to control security and features through policies. Using overall policies allows your company to have the same consistency across all devices, such as not allowing users to install their own apps from the apple store.

MDM really shines for companies concerned about security. Imagine you have a company ipad with sensitive information on it and an employee loses but doesn’t realize it for several days. Now imagine that person didn’t have a pin access code on it and now anyone who may have picked up your ipad can easily browse through company information and emails. With an MDM policy you can enforce having a pin code on that device to avoid this situation. You can also easily remote wipe a device no matter where it’s physically located in the case of it being lost or stolen.

My Company Has A Fleet Of Ipads For Events And Clients

This is another scenario where MDM would add value and take the stress off when you have to track hundreds of ipads. With MDM you can physically track mobile devices on a map so you can physically see where they are.

So for example if you ship a bunch of ipads to another city to use for an event you can verify they all made it to their destination. Using MDM on fleets of mobile devices could save you a lot of money and decrease the chances of devices simply vanishing.

In conclusion, MDM is a cost effective way of protecting company equipment and data for both small and large businesses and has many real world uses.

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