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Do You Need A Managed Service Provider In The Chelsea Manhattan Area?

Date: March 21, 2017 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: New York City IT Services Tags: , Comments: 0

If you are a small business in the Chelsea area the question really is do you need a Managed Services Provider or a Total Services Provider? An MSP will provide the standard services such as desktop security software, windows patching and of course your basic support package.


A TSP handles all of your technology needs not just what might be running on your desktops and laptops. For example a good IT company will offer a vendor liaison service that will cover your copier or phone system. Rather then you try to learn to speak geek your IT company can simply act as the go between and save everyone a lot of trouble.


Chelsea New York City Managed Services Provider


Of course this isn't to take away from your typical managed services that every small business should receive, below are just a few examples.


Windows Patching

Your workstations and servers need to be updated on a regular basis and more importantly your IT company should actually be watching to make sure it happens. Often times when a computer is left off at night or it's a laptop that travels often this process doesn't happen often.


Security Services

This may sound like a no brainer but are you sure your anti-virus software is running on all stations? Are filters needed to block employees from visiting websites that could potentially harm your network? Are daily and weekly scans being run? These are all tasks that should be implemented.


Disaster Recovery Planning

A simple backup doesn't really go as far as it used to. If you delete a few files fine, just pull it from the cloud and you're done. What if an entire server or resource is deleted or you are a victim of cryptolocker. Imagine the amount of money it's going to cost you when you are waiting for the entire server to be rebuilt and the backup is restored. Instead you should invest in a Business Continuity Solution so instead of dealing with downtime of a few days and now turns into an hour or less.


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