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New York City Synology Consultants: Why Synology?

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: Comments: 0

If your company is looking for a solid Network Attached Storage solution you should consider going with Synology. If we ever have to consider proposing a NAS solution for a client I will only consider a Synology product and here are just a few reasons why.


New york City Synology Consultants


Features: Synology products have a lot of features built into them right out of box. For example, a Synology has a builtin VPN server for remote access as well as their own Dropbox alternative called CloudStation. While they are both used to access the Synology product remotely they both have pros and cons but at the end of the day they give the end users more options to git their needs.


Reliability: I have personally deployed dozens of Synology NAS products the last few years and I will say without hesitation their hardware is reliable. So far to date I haven’t had a single unit fail on me and even their updates are easy to roll out. When using a Synology product it’s important to choose NAS or enterprise grade hard drives and you should have very minimal investment after the initial setup.


Security: In today’s world security is important and in most cases you don’t want to give everyone in your company access to every file you have. Synology has the ability to create user accounts with various levels of permissions, the ability to create sub folders that only certain users have access to and other features security features that you can tweak as you grow.


AddOn Software: Synology includes an app list that can be easily downloaded and installed from within the Synology OS itself. As an example they have a plugin called CloudSync that will allow you to sync your file system to other cloud vendors such as Google, Dropbox, etc. It doesn’t cost anything and some of these plugins can be really useful in a business enviornment.


Expandability: Some of the higher end NAS products like the RS180116xs+ have expansion bays so you can easily add storage as you needed. Imagine getting near storage capacity on this unit and all you have to do is purchase a 12 bay expansion unit and you can easily add 100TB of storage capacity.


Are you a small to medium size business looking into a NAS solution but not sure which product is the right fit for you? Let us help you, we are New York City Synology Services and have a lot of expertise in making sure you get the right fit. Please email us or call 212.858.9022 for a free consultation.