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With cyber threats emerging daily every company today needs to protect their data from theft and other dangers. There are many threats that from the internet and even within your own company that can cost you some serious money and downtime.


With our NeoGuard package we can have your covered from all directions. A strong firewall as a first parameter device against any internet threats. Updated managed anti-virus software on each workstation is another defensive ring and of course proactive maintenance to keep your network current and secure.


Business Grade Anti-Virus And Website Control

We deploy AVDefender all PC workstations and servers which is managed from our central console to alert us if a threat is detected. The product is auto-updated to protect against ever evolving threats.


Managed Windows Patching

Rest easy knowing all of your PC workstations are getting security and windows updates on a weekly basis. Every week our system monitors the patches and updates each PC needs and they get deployed after hours so there is no downtime.


Managed Firewall

An updated firewall is an absolute must to help protecting your network. With our managed firewall solution you will get additional protection from hackers and other threats that will quite simply cost you money.


Mobile Device Management

We can manage all of your employee mobile devices that have company data on them. Someone loses their phone with company documents on it? No problem, the phone can be remotely wiped. Password policies can easily be enforced as well for maximum protection.