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Small Business Security On A Budget: Why Worry About IT?

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: , Comments: 0

If you are a small business you should always thinking about how to protect your business and data or else you might suffer an embarrassing and costly security breach. Like businesses of all sizes you are probably on a budget and while you maybe you can’t afford a fully decked out security system here is a list of affordable technology items you should have in place to minimize the chance of a breach.




We often to see businesses use the modem provided by their internet provider which is ok but from an IT point of view it’s a basic device. For around $600 or even less you can purchase a business grade firewall product such as Watchguard and it will include a subscription security service that will stop spam, virus attachments and other harmful communications before it even reaches your network.


Desktop Security Services


Expired anti-virus software subscriptions or computers with no AV protection at all is a very common sight and a leading cause to your computers becoming compromised. At the very least you should make sure all of your PC’s have running and updated anti-virus software, an easy way to do this yourself is go to each PC, run the anti-virus software and it will tell you right away if it’s current and running. If you have an IT company on a monthly retainer they should be monitoring the security software remotely.


Wifi Access


Everyone loves wifi but you should be following some best practices. For example your wifi network shouldn’t have your company name in it. You should also have a dedicated guest network so anyone connecting to it that network is isolated from the rest of your network.

Security Audit


You should have your IT resource conduct a security audit at least once a year. A security audit will involve running software on your entire network and examining each computer for vulnerabilities, outdated patches and other holes that would allow a breach and data loss. Once this audit is conducted you can assess the generated reports and work on addressing these issues. Tools from would be a good example of purchasing the right software if you wanted to do it yourself.


Employee Termination Policies

Does your company have an employee termination checklist in place? For example, when an employee leaves the company are you making sure email passwords are changed and any remote access resources are locked out or changed? For all of our clients we have a termination checklist so when an employee either leaves the company or is terminated there is minimal risk involved.


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