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Business Grade Firewalls As A Monthly Rental

Whether you are a small business or large company you can benefit from our Firewall As A Service offering. Put simply you can rent a Dell SonicWall firewall with all the bells and whistles and no upfront investment at all.

Are you a healthcare provider that has to be HIPAA compliant or a financial institution that has to prove your network is secure? With our SonicWall rental package you rent a firewall that includes SonicWall's TotalSecure suite that will actively protect your network against intrusions, malware and other breaches that will cost you time and money.

We have the full line of SonicWall firewalls available so we can match any need or any size network, from a soho office to an enterprise environment.


Added Security

The firewall comes with a premium subscription of SonicWall TotalSecure software suite so your firewall is protecting your business against viruses, spam, malicious websites and other threats that cost you time and money.


Monitoring And Reporting

We monitor your firewall appliance to make sure it's always up to date. Reports are good documentation for HIPAA compliance and financial audits.


Advanced Replacement And Easy Upgrade

If your SonicWall has a problem that has to be sent off for repair we can do advanced replacement of your unit so you don't incur any downtime. It's also easy to upgrade your service to a newer, more powerful firewall in case you outgrow your current equipment.