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[SOLVED] Synology Cloud Sync Stops Syncing

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: , Comments: 0

A client of ours has two Synology units located in two different physical locations and had both units syncing with a Google Drive account so both sites could replicate data with each other. They are using Synology Cloud Sync set with a Google Drive link which stopped downloading after a recent upgrade to DSM 6.0.


Synology Cloud Sync Support


Synology has a lot of apps that you can seamlessly plugin and start using which is great. Most of the Synology apps however are pretty simplistic when it comes to settings and tweaking. For example, with Synology Cloud Sync, whether you are using it to sync to Google Drive, Dropbox or some other file sharing service you pretty much setup a link to the service and you are done.


The particular problem here is that Cloud Sync stopped downloading. When I clicked on the Google Drive link in the Synology unit I observed it was reporting 250,000 files to be synced and climbing so it was clearly broken.


Our solution was to simply uninstall Cloud Sync, reinstall it again and re-establish the sync link with Google Drive. By removing the app the data on the Synology unit remains untouched as well as the data on Google Drive. After creating a new link I observed the app starting to sync and “merging” files that it didn’t need to sync.


We did have a small problem of a few files and directories being duplicated by Cloud Sync. There were a few isolated instances of this happening but overall it was a small price to pay considering Cloud Sync began to work properly after reinstalling it.


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