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Synology RS18016xs+ : The Ultimate Archive Storage Device

Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: Uncategorized Tags: , Comments: 0

We were recently contacted by a major healthcare provider in New York City interested in deploying a Synology RS18016xs+ to be used as a on premises data archive. One of the nice features of the RS18016xs+ is its expandability.


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The core unit when maxed out with 8TB hard drives will reach a 100GB capacity but when you use expansion bays you can actually have a total capacity of around 1 Petabyte. The main unit as well as each expansion bay will be it’s own volume and share folder. The RS18016xs+ and the expansion bays are rack mounted units and they connect via a regular SATA cable so adding on additional storage units is just plain easy.


But wait, there’s more. Our potential client came back to us and said having several shares didn’t work for them and they wanted one share folder to use, did we have any solutions? Luckily, with the introduction of DSM 6.0 Synology has introduced a feature called the Synology PetaSpace which is an included package anyone can easily download from within the Synology ecosystem.


With the PetaSpace package you can combine multiple volumes into a single volume and have a single share folder. This feature was a perfect fit for our client and really alleviates the problem of implementing a large storage solution and ending up with multiple share drives.


If you have large data needs consider the RS18016xs+ for your project. We are a New York IT Services company and if you want a free consultation to discuss your IT needs please contact us.