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Small Business Computer Consulting Services

If your business doesn't need monthly IT support but has an occasional tech project we have a cost effective pay as you go plan. With our experienced computer consulting services, we can manage the entire project for you from start to finish. Our project experience can be particularly valuable to small businesses who may not have the expertise or resources to manage an IT project.


We can help you migrate to a new server, migrate critical data to the cloud, migrate your email to a new platform or simply upgrade your hardware. If your company is moving to a new office we can disassemble your computers and equipment, coordinate with your internet provider, wire and cable your new space and reassemble your equipment to get you back into business as soon as possible.


Does your company have an old software product that isn't supported anymore and it's hosted on an aging server? No problem, we have the expertise to help you with off the shelf products like VMWare. We can cost effectively migrate your legacy applications to a new server and still retain it's functionality which will actually save you money in the long run. You will have great peace of mind when an old software product that you still use in safe and secure on a new device and backed up using our reliable Cloud 3 backup solution.


We are happy to give you a free consultation so please contact us or call (212) 858-9022.


  • Provide support when your in house tech is on vacation
  • Pay as you go plan for tech projects and additional IT coverage
  • Small Business IT support for any size tech project
  • Expertise in migrating your business and data to the cloud
  • Migrate legacy products to a new server using virtualization
  • IT solutions and computer consulting services to your business as needed
  • Computer network support for PC and Mac computers and networks
  • We are the New York City computer support specialists