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Windows Patching With Managed IT Services: What Value Does It Really Have?

Date: March 23, 2017 Author: Steve Dempsey Category: New York City IT Services Tags: , Comments: 0

When we speak to a potential client we go through our sales pitch and touch upon how as a Managed IT Services provider we manage windows patching for all windows desktops and laptops. To an average end user patching is something that happens out of view except when their computer reboots and they are forced to sit there while it's patching.


We use Nable Remote Monitoring and Management platform by Solarwinds to manage clients across our entire client base.

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Why Managed Windows Patching Does Matter

When an IT company manages and monitors windows patching it goes a long way to saving your company time and protecting your data. Updating the windows operating system fixes known bugs, plugs security flaws and includes enhancements, keeping your equipment current is essential for security especially if you are industry compliant such as HIPAA,


If there is a managed patching policy in place and your company has laptops often times they don't get patched if the detection and installation window as set for after hours. A proper policy will detect patches multiple times a day at varying hours so no matter when the laptop is on the detection and installation policy will occur.


In addition to some automation your IT company should be manually checking the patch status on each workstation. This is essential for computers that might typically get turned off when the employee leaves. Having a set of eyes looking over your network will spot out of date computers and if needed manually schedule updates.


By taking over patch deployment the process can be controlled including when it happens. By installing patches and restarting workstations after hours it saves your company time and money by minimizing downtime. If managed correctly the entire process can be handled behind the scenes with minimal impact.


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