Steve Dempsey


Steve has been in the IT industry for 20+ years, first starting out as a systems administrator for a small charting software company that had a niche in the financial industry. After that he started Neotech Networks in 2001 that catered to both home users and small businesses. Even though technology has changed over many years the one thing that hasn’t changed is Steve’s expertise in the small business IT market. He loves building professional relationships with clients and they appreciate the down to earth human aspect of Neotech’s IT services.

Albert M.

Client Services

Albert’s expertise includes IT analytics and Windows IT admin for a medical practice company and loves interfacing with clients. Strong customer service skills and three plus years of working in the IT industry allows him to bring a lot of technical expertise and client support to the table.

Bob K.

Client Services

Bob brings over 20 years of IT expertise with him and some of our clients have been working with him for many years at this point. Bob has a unique ability to support many products on the fly which makes him an invaluable umbrella IT resource for many of our clients.

David L.

Client Services

David has a strong networking and server background having certifications in Cisco networking as well as years of experience being the network administration of a 100+ workstation environment. David is on our front lines, interfacing directly with end-users, troubleshooting problems, and making sure our clients are well taken care of.

David Z.

Project Coordinator

David is a super detailed tech and has a great ability to work with other vendors and contractors on projects. He not only looks at all the details on our side of the table but sees the big picture. He will work with other resources on behalf of our client to make sure the project, anything from an office move to a mass upgrade, flows well with all parties..

Eddie T.

Calibration Admin

Eddie has a very important role as he manages all the back of house system updates and maintenance to make sure all of our client’s systems are in sync. He spends his days making sure client systems are patched and kept current, security software is working and documentation is in alignment. Daily, weekly and monthly checklists and processes drive him to keep our client systems updated and current.

Ed R.

Prevention Admin

Ed’s primary role is to read all completed tickets and reports on a weekly basis. He looks for any preventable problems or patterns and looks for the root cause. Once he identifies a preventable issue he gets to work on solving the issue for good.

Joe S.

Client Services

Joe loves troubleshooting IT problems of all kinds and one of the few people that actually enjoys working on weekends. He is our lead tech for weekend coverage, quickly attending to any tickets or problems that get reported over the weekend so our clients can get help anytime.

Katherine M.

Client Concierge

Katherine is the glue that holds our team together, keeping all the gears turning till completion. Katherine interfaces with clients when they need to source new materials, help with billing, and important research.

Paul M.

Service Manager

Paul was a network admin for a medical billing company and has a strong sense of customer support and service. He keeps the gears turning by making sure clients are happy, tickets get taken care of in a timely manner, and when support cases require that extra special touch.

Pamela R.

Calibration Admin

Pamela is our second Calibration Admin that works on our client systems in a back of house support role. She checks the backups daily, makes sure systems are patched and cloud servers are optimized and monitored properly. 

Rich C.

Client Services

Rich has a degree in electronic engineering and brings over 5 years of IT expertise to the table. He used to work as a systems administrator for Chevron, providing general support and leading network upgrade projects for the company

Ricky E.

Onboarding Specialist

Ricky has a few Cisco network certifications under his belt and is dedicated to onboarding new equipment, software products and new installations and migrations. We have a dedicated Onboarding Role so we can do our best to make sure our clients have a good experience whenever they upgrade products or need to purchase new computers.

Scott B.

Phone Engineer

Scott has 30+ years of phone expertise and he is able to support almost any on-premises phone system ever made. He takes good care of our phone clients, making sure their systems are updated every month and running smoothly. Larger and more complex onsite phone systems require a hands-on approach, Scott’s ability to do work at various hours of the day is one of the many reasons our clients love him.

Zoey L.

Procurement Specialist

Zoey comes from a sales background having spent the last several years selling products for several global suppliers. Zoey manages all of our client procurement requests, everything from a new laptop to adding new software licenses. She always does her due diligence and makes sure the hardware or software in the quote is a perfect fit.


Office Security

Mozart might look cute but don’t let his good looks fool you! He takes his responsibilities very seriously but we admit he does have a habit of sleeping on the job.