Approval Workflow In Sharepoint

By Using Available Tools In Microsoft 365

Business Case Study

Approval App In Sharepoint

The Problem

A long time client of ours that is a digital agency was spending a massive amount of time using email and spreadsheets to get expenses and projects approved internally. 

Their old process revolved around a team member sending an email and a spreadsheet attachment to the next person in the chain for an expense approval. Once that person approved they had to reply to the email and sometimes include a 3rd person to get final approval. 

They had no real way of tracking these approvals, it was very cumbersome and consumed a lot of time. 

The Solution

What most businesses using Microsoft 365 aren’t aware of is there a suite of available tools to help you accomplish workflows tweaked to your exact processes. For this case study we’re only going to focus on Microsoft Power Apps that we used to create our approval workflow in Sharepoint.

For the workflow problem described above our team created a Microsoft Power App built behind a Microsoft Form and a Microsoft List. 

As you can see in the screenshot on the right the form starts the approval process by allowing end users to easily enter the exact information needed. By using a Microsoft Power App behind the scenes to do the heavy lifting the form is able to auto populate the Job and Department code from a spreadsheet. This saves the user a ton of time by now having to look up the codes. 

Once submitted the approval gets populated into a Microsoft List so everyone can see who submitted the form, if it’s waiting for the next person in the chain to approve and sometimes a 3rd person and of course if it’s finally been approved. 

All notifications are done in Microsoft Teams which massively cuts down on spammy emails reminding someone to do something. 

Microsoft 365 Power Apps

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