Reliable Managed IT Services & Security for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is complicated…and security problems escalate that.

NeoTech Networks offers reliable managed IT services, compliance support, and cyber security for healthcare companies in the New York area…so you can simplify this aspect of your business.

Whether you are a hospital, medical service provider, pharmaceutical company, medical equipment manufacturer, or related business — we can help you mitigate the problem of security issues specific to healthcare.

As an IT provider, we have deep expertise and can help you devise an effective security plan tailored specifically to your business.

We can also ensure that your facilities technology is compliant with all regulatory laws or industry guidelines.

We offer managed IT services for healthcare companies… so you can focus on serving your patients’ needs, rather than worrying about IT or security issues. Managed IT support includes everything from network security, cloud services, disaster planning and data recovery, to projects, migrations, upgrades, and more.