Tired Of Your IT Company Just Using Bandaids?

Problem Prevention Is The Key To Staying Productive

What IT Prevention Is Really About

Introducing Our Prevention Admin

The Prevention Admin is a full time tech devoted to preventing problems on several different levels. That could be a recurring issue over time and he starts to see a pattern in tickets being opened. Other areas could include a critical system or tech point that requires a much closer look at the problem or even broken workflow and the client needs to find a better way of doing things. 

A full time Prevention Admin is important because it enables to have a dedicated person with a laser focus on problem prevention. This allows extra attention to be given to a particular issue or even a workflow process that is causing frustration.  


A Few Examples On What The Prevention Admin Works On

Example Dashboard The Prevention Admin Uses

Below is a screenshot of a real dashboard that is just part of the prevention toolbox. 

The metrics you see are for all the servers we monitor and shows the number of tickets over time. The servers with the higher ticket counts make their way to this chart and then reviewed to see if there is a common or preventable problem that needs attention. 

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