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Project Management Involves Other Vendors And Everyone Needs To Talk To Each Other


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IT Project Management

Do you have an upcoming project such as an office move and need an experienced IT project management company to help you manage it and keep the gears turning? Or perhaps you are opening a new retail location and all your vendors need to coordinate with each other?

One of our strong points and IT project management expertise is working with and coordinating with your other non-IT related vendors to make sure everything falls into the right place. This includes the building engineer, architects, internet provider and other vendors. 

Imagine the cost savings and peace of mind you will have with a proper IT project management service in place. Instead of running around managing all the little details let us take all of that off your plate and save you a ton of aggravation. 


One IT project management resource to rule them all. We will work with builders, architects, electricians and your other vendors to manage all resources related to the larger IT project. 


Save time and money with proper IT project management, it’s that simple. Office moves, opening a new retail location, expanding your space, a major IT upgrade – It’s all in our wheelhouse. 


Looking for an expert resource to mange a migration such as your email or data? Sure no problem!

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If you need good IT project management for a large network upgrade such as a mass workstation upgrade or network infrastructure upgrade with a new firewall, wifi and switches you have come to the right place. 

There are other factors that go along with IT project management that involves upgrading hardware. What about your data on the old workstations? You need to dispose of them properly and make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. 

It does take a bit of planning, not just unpacking a switch and plugging it in. Can’t decide what brands to use? We’ll help you and offer you tried and true brand name solutions that we use with the rest of our clients. 


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