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MN IT service that is affordable, responsive and serving the Minneapolis area. Simply put Microsoft 365 is a lot more then just email. It’s a whole suite of business grade products that will allow your business to work securely from anywhere and work on files, video conferences, projects and a lot more. 

Take advantage of the real power of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams and the product’s capability. In one pane of glass you can share files, chat, collaborate, schedule video meetings, edit files together and add 3rd party apps. It makes your workflow a lot easier when you are always working inside the same window. 

That’s where NeoTech Networks steps in by delivering a reliable and scalable MN IT service experience. Consolidate your other vendors, improve your business workflows and breather easier knowing your critical data is safe and secure. 

Microsoft 365 Secure Email

Microsoft 365 is more then just email. Send encrypted emails, make forms your customers can sign, even use packages like Microsoft Bookings to fill up your calendar. 

Secure File Sharing

Sharing files is easy but 365 allows you to control file sharing and who opens that file. Easily work with outside contractors and keep those license costs down.   

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 allows companies to lock down roaming laptops as well. If a roaming laptop gets lost or stolen you never have to worry about your sensitive files getting compromised. 


Is Paramount

As an experienced MN IT service provider we’ll help you utilize a range of security options to lock down your email and then some. Stop those scam emails from coming in asking for a wire transfer. Stop someone from another country trying to hijack your account. 

No it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. We can show you how to cost effectively use Microsoft’s licenses to your full advantage. Microsoft Business Premium has several security products built in like advanced email security and policies to effectively manage your computers. 

There is no need to pay for various 3rd party products. If used correctly Microsoft 365 can be a powerful tool for any size business. 


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