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Every business struggles with some form of old, inefficient workflow that is begging to be improved. Are you still using paper to record data and forms? Or perhaps you are using Excel spreadsheets for record keeping. 

Yes it “works” but it’s labor intensive and the higher the labor the higher the cost. Now imagine having an IT company that will actually examine these workflows and see if they can be automated using Microsoft 365.

By utilizing Microsoft 365 built in tools any business can cost effectively automate their workflows and increase their bottom line. 

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Microsoft 365 Teams, Flow, Power Apps and other tools can be used to automate your processes, reduce labor and cut overhead. 


Imagine using Microsoft 365 Teams as work hub for automated workflows customized for your business and processes. 

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With Microsoft Flows and forms we can build you custom workflows without all the expensive 3rd party subscriptions that aren’t really customized for you. 



Does your company have a need for IT support that can deliver real workflow improvement? Why not take full advantage of Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft tools to cut your labor.

If you partner with NeoTech Networks you can take advantage of process consulting to improve your workflows using Microsoft 365 builtin products. Stop stitching together a bunch of 3rd party tools and still not getting the result you are looking for. 

Get tight integration with Microsoft Teams as well as Microsoft Power Apps. These products the building of tight workflows and collaboration, you can just go to one location and have chat, video calls, files and processes created just for you. It’s all part of getting a true business partner so you can focus on your business. 


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