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A good service is only as good as the processes and checklists it's built on.

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Processes & Checklists

It’s easy for any IT company to onboard a new client, load up some remote tools, and get to work fixing the obvious problems. The question really is do you want an IT company that is going to fix a problem after you tell them it’s broken or one that actually puts in work behind the scenes so your technology works and you can focus on your business?

Here are some of the things we do behind the scenes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to be proactive with our clients.

It's All About You



Our Calibration Admin spends every day checking various consoles with pre-set blocks of time allocated to different areas like workstations, servers, and security to keep everything in alignment. For example, every morning he checks to make sure anti-virus is running all computers, up to date, and actually scanning on a daily basis.

He also looks at the backups every day, making sure they are running error-free and current.

We monitor our client’s Office 365 tenants for security events if there is a suspicious activity like an end-user deleting an unusual amount of files. It’s all about being proactive. 



Our Prevention Admin checks all completed tickets every week and looks for patterns both short term and long term. Part of his job is to try and Prevent issues by looking at why did the problem occur. This could be a problematic printer, an obsolete workstation that keeps crashing, or maybe a disconnect with the server that is kicking everyone off.

Once the Prevention Admin spots a problem that he feels could have been prevented he creates a new case and gets to work on stopping it from happening again.

Client Concierge



Our Client Concierge interfaces directly with clients to make sure their tech call-in requests are routed properly. If a client calls in with an emergency she will take that seriously, getting a tech on the phone right away to help.

These are just a few processes and specialized positions we have in place to provide our clients with the best proactive service possible. We know your time is valuable and you don’t want to deal with IT problems, we want to see you spend all day growing your business.



Our Onboard Specialist is dedicated to tasks and work that falls under the “setup” category. This could be setting up a new 365 mailbox, a new computer, a new windows profile or other areas where something is being setup and needs to be properly onboarded. 

A dedicated tech working on setting up a new windows profile, for example, will only be working on that ticket and not juggling a bunch of other non-related tasks. This means the process gets implemented correctly, on time and all the loose ends are tied up for completion. 




How many times have you ordered something from your IT company and wondered what the status is and have to ask again?

Our Procurement Specialist is dedicated to processing any new orders, everything from a new computer to an accessory. Purchase orders are created in a timely fashion and we’ll figure out where to best source the part from. 

Tracking and scheduling are also part of this role. Our clients will always know when a part will be delivered so they are never in the dark.  

You See

What We See

You probably won’t enjoy or really value all the marketing fluff about how great our systems are for you so let’s just dive right in. 

You get access to a portal that provides complete transparency into your network and computers. Do you wonder if your anti-virus software is actually working on all the computers? Do you have any idea what is in and out of warranty?

The portal allows you to see your computer stats, security status and can even save you money by showing if you are paying for Office 365 licenses that are unallocated. 


Processes &


Standard Operating Procedures and checklists are the backbone of creating a repeatable, successful experience for any service industry. 

Our SOP’s number in the hundreds and we keep most of them in Microsoft Teams. A lot our SOP’s are linked to a Trello checklist which allows any member of our team to create a checklist from a template, repeat the experience and improve the original. 

It’s important to note that each checklist for example has the same task at the end of every list – “Does this template need to be improved”. This creates a mentality of always improving the original for a better experience next time. We also maintain checklists for specific client tasks like new setups or workflows where it’s specific to them. 

Disaster Recovery

Plans At The Ready

Our hope is to never use one of these processes but the fact is sometimes we do. Ever have your server hard drive crash? Or perhaps you think one of your mailboxes was just compromised. 

Internally we have over a dozen client facing DR plans for major scenarios that fall into a “disaster” situation. Rather then scramble to figure out what direction to go in our team can quickly manage the situation by referring to one of the DR plans to make sure the client is promptly notified, swift action is taken and every step is logically taken to reach a successful outcome. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

– Benjamin Franklin

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