Cloud Services

The Real Savings In Azure Cloud Servers

Let’s put aside all the marketing buff and talk about what value a monthly cost windows cloud server has over a physical server in your office that once purchased costs very little to maintain. 

Some basic points are resources. A cloud server can be scaled up with a few mouse clicks like memory, hard drive and even cpu. Another really valuable point is there is no physical hardware to break. A physical server has many break points like faulty hardware, failing hard drive, flaky memory and the list keeps going on. 

For the monthly cost of a server you have just eliminated 95% of the headaches of a traditional server. Not to mention the cost of a downed server for a day. 

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Microsoft 365 Will Let You Work From Anywhere

A common misconception is that Microsoft 365 is for email only and the fact is the product suite reaches way beyond that. With Microsoft 365 you can build a virtual network complete with files, communication and collaboration.

With Microsoft Teams you can eliminate that expensive office rent and have your employees work on the same file at the same time, share screens and video conference. Who needs to be sitting at the same desk anymore?

Have to share files with outside contractors? No problem, we’ll show you how very easily. Still stuck with traditional desk phones? We can show you how to eliminate desk phones and use Teams for voip service. 

Oh Yea, The Security Options Are Great

One of your biggest fears to embracing all things Microsoft 365 even for your sensitive data is security. That’s great, we would love you as a client. There are many cost effective security options in Microsoft 365 to protect your data and your business. 

For example there are Data Loss Protection licenses that prevents your employees from copying data off their computers or attach to an email. Advanced Threat Protection will greatly boost your email security, stop malicious attachments and other threats. 

Did we mention Azure Premium licenses? That gives you the power to only allow account sign ins from the United States and even locks your team into only using their computer. 

Cost a fortune? No it doesn’t, we’ll set everything up for you so all you get is peace of mind.