Business Phone Systems

We're Not A Phone Service Provider

Yes that topic is correct, we’re not a phone service provider. Rather we provide great business phone services to clients that are looking for the complete package. Is the complete package all the voip keywords like mobile app, voicemail to email, cloud systems? No it’s not, read on. 

The complete package is being your only provider for all of your communication so you have time and money. How many times have you had a phone problem or quality issue and you have your phone and IT provider both saying it’s not their problem? Exactly! So that’s how we define the complete package, awesome phone services as part of our IT package so you only have one provider to deal with.  

It's All About Integration

With today’s virtual workplace having your extension ring your desk phone and then forward to your cell is a pain. Or perhaps you have to call clients using your cell phone and have to keep blocking your caller ID so they don’t get your cell number?

Yes we feel your pain that’s why it’s all about integration and making your phone system flow well with the rest of your systems. Let’s make your phone system work for your team instead of the other way around. 

Our VOIP systems have a mobile and desktop app your phone can ring anywhere, any number of combinations for menu setups and of course no systems to own. Is phone quality and service important enough that you need it even when your internet goes down? 

There are options like a cellular backup for phones or simply switching to your cell phones so you never miss a call. 

We Love Teams VOIP

We use Teams with VOIP internally and absolutely love it. With Microsoft Teams voip you can get rid of that obsolete phone on your desk, cords always twisting and getting in the way. People have been pushing phone buttons for a 100 years, let’s try something different!

With Teams VOIP you can either use just a bluetooth headset with your computer or even your cell phone. Yes that’s it, no more clunk phones. When someone dials your business number or extension or rings your Microsoft Teams and that’s it. 

Oh did we mention how everything is tightly integrated with your contacts and Outlook? One click can dial a contact direct from Outlook or Teams, easy and saves time.