Managed IT Services

Natural IT Solutions For Your Business

Thank you, thought you would never ask. Our IT services are awesome because we talk to you in plain English. Let’s have a real conversation and find out about your business and how we can make your life easier. 


What You Get When You Partner With Us

At the end of the day you probably want what all of our clients want – to work and grow your business. Yes we get it and that’s why we see ourselves as your business partners, not just an IT company that selling you a few services every month. 

Tired of calling your internet provider every time there is an outage? We can do that for you. Tired of chasing down other tech vendors trying to figure out who is responsible for what? Fine, we can be your liaison so you have a single point of contact. 

Our help desk is available 7 days a week too for those times you have a problem on the weekend and can’t wait till Monday. The real value we bring to the table is figuring out how do we save your time and make your processes more efficient. 

Our Proactive Services Explained

Anyone can post some marketing materials and say how proactive they are but when it comes to IT support what does that really mean? How are we really being proactive if you hire us?

We have for example a full time Prevention Admin that reviews all tickets on a weekly basis. His only focus is finding the root causes of problems and then sees what he can do to prevent it. We even made a few custom PowerBI dashboards to track tickets over long terms so we can spot trends better. 

Are you frustrated by constantly dealing with the same problems over and over again? The same short term fixes to get it working then and there only. That’s where our Prevention Admin comes in and let’s put those problems to bed for good. 

Yes You Can See Your Network Too

Ever wonder what your the state of your computers and network are? Ever wonder if anti-virus software is really running on all stations like it should or if your hard drives are getting near full?

All of our clients get a portal that shows them all the information they want to know about their hardware and software. Software licenses, warranties, backup reports and more is all available for you at anytime. 

We want to be more then just a phone and email address to our clients. You can see what we see at any time, it’s all very transparent.