Office 365 PowerApps

Office 365 PowerApps Can Bring Mobile Ready Apps To Your Company Easily And Quickly.

Let’s face it, building a mobile apps for public use and publishing in an app store is expensive and takes a lot of time and planning.  What if your company at it’s disposal mobile apps for internal use only that could easily be updated as your needs change?

Office 365 PowerApps allows just that with no programming at all, we can build professional looking business grade apps without all the overhead and cost all within the Office 365 platform. Office 365 PowerApps are already formatted for mobile devices and phones for both ios and android. 

Are you a multi location company or perhaps have roaming employees that is having trouble streamlining your workflow? Maybe employees at different locations are entering the same data using different methods because you don’t have a unified solution in place. PowerApps can solve all of that by creating a consistent interface for everyone in your company, saving them time and saving you money. 

Just some of the benefits of Office 365 PowerApps:

  • Mobile employees that need to keep work records or work logs can easily load PowerApps on their phone or tablet in the field. 
  • Save time and cut costs when your team are all using the same apps and filling in data all the same way. 
  • Use tablets as kiosks to collect any data you wish for easy workflow
  • PowerApps uses a graphical interface to create apps with no coding at all which keeps costs down and makes your apps future proof. 
  • Replace your old, obsolete applications with PowerApps without all the overhead costs
  • Create multiple apps for your company so each app can be specialized for a single purpose or department. 
  • PowerApps integrates with Microsoft Teams that can turn Teams into a serious work hub for your company. 
  • Easily transform the data collected from an App into visually stunning and useful charts using Office 365 PowerBI.