Office 365 PowerBI

Turn Your Messy Data Into Gold

Like most businesses you are probably keeping tons critical data in Excel spreadsheets spread out over different directories and locations. While “it works” because that’s what you are used to it’s probably difficult to navigate, it’s cumbersome and time consuming. 

Now imagine using off the shelf tools in Microsoft 365 to quickly and easily ingest that data, not only from spreadsheets but from other data sources like 3rd party websites, into easy to use visual charts that are dynamically updated. Imagine the time and cost savings you will enjoy when looking at a single PowerBI chart that shows you all stats and facts you will want to know instead of endless clicking through multiple datasets to find what you are you looking for?

Does visual charting sound like it might cost you an arm and a leg to build? Not at all, we use PowerBI tools which are already built into Office 365 and so no programming experience is required. PowerBI includes building blocks to ingest data from multiple data sources and we simply build charts to show you the data however you want to look at it.

How Can I Use Microsoft PowerBI?

Microsoft PowerBI licenses are part of the entire Microsoft 365 suite. In addition to a basic user license for say a mailbox or Office apps you might need a PowerBI Pro license to get all the benefits. 

One of the best features of PowerBI is the tight integration with Microsoft Teams. This allows the building of tight workflows and integrations, you can just go to one location and have chat, video calls, files and PowerBI charts. 

Not convinced? We’re happy to show you!

Just A Few PowerBI Benefits

  • PowerBI can ingest data from multiple data sources like spreadsheets and many 3rd party applications and can easily show you that “messy” data in easy to understand charts.
  • Tools are all part of Office 365 suite so there is no custom programming involved which helps keeps costs down. 
  • You will never have to worry about buying into an application that will become outdated or obsolete in a few years since PowerBI is all cloud based in the Office 365 ecosystem.
  • PowerBI fully integrates with other Office 365 products like Microsoft Teams
  • Pull in critical business data to easily spot trends, sales history and any other numbers that is vital to your business and workflows.
  • Stop running your business with one eye closed, build charts that will show you exactly what you need to see.