Projects, Migrations, and Upgrades

We Love Projects

Do you have an upcoming project such as an office move and need an experienced IT company to help you? Perhaps you are opening a new retail location?

One of the biggest things we bring to the table is working with your other non-IT related vendors to move the project along. This includes the building engineer, architects, internet provider and other vendors. 

We’ll bring all of that under one roof, in addition to setting up your technology, and keep all the gears turning. 

IT Migrations

We can help you fully migrate to Microsoft 365 so you can work from anywhere and save the overhead. You might be on G Suite or perhaps a 3rd party email provider like GoDaddy, files on Dropbox and your data is scattered all over the place. 

Time is money and imagine if you added up all of those hours it takes to work in a scattered structure, the costs might surprise you. 

We have expertise moving clients from one platform to another, especially with Microsoft 365. Have another migration? Please contact us and let’s see if we can help. 

Network Upgrades

If you are looking for help with a large network upgrade such as a mass workstation upgrade or network infrastructure upgrade with a new firewall, wifi and switches you have come to the right place. 

There are other factors that go along with a network upgrade. What about your data on the old workstations? You need to dispose of them properly and make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. 

It does take a bit of planning, not just unpacking a switch and plugging it in. Can’t decide what brands to use? We’ll help you and offer you tried and true brand name solutions that we use with the rest of our clients.