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Let’s dive right into the main topic and talk about the benefits of vendor consolidation. A main pain point we solve for a lot of other clients. How many times have you had an issue with another technology related vendor or even account and you simply can’t speak their language? You end up wasting a lot time and energy trying to fix something when you aren’t even sure where the problem is. 

With our included vendor consolidation service that is something you don’t have to worry about. Some common scenarios your have bad internet service and your provider is saying it’s not their equipment. You lost access to your security cameras and that company is saying the problem is with your firewall. Or perhaps you are trying to update your website and you don’t know where to go to make some changes. 

Do any of those sound familiar? Your staff is then spending valuable time trying to speak the same language and figuring out where the disconnect is. We can take all the aggravation off our plate so you all you have to know is contact your NeoTech Networks.

Collaboration Is Key

With vendor consolidation you will save future headaches. One resource to manage other tech resources is what a true outsourced IT partner is about. 

Save Time And Money

Stop chasing your tail trying to remember login and passwords to often forgotten about but critical accounts. We’ll document those accounts and keep them handy. 

Vendor Consolidation

It’s almost a requirement these days to have one resource that understands your other major tech vendors. Internet service, security cameras, website hosting, all critical and your IT company should know how to manage them for you. 

Are You Constantly

Speaking Tech

This conversation isn’t so much as saving you time as it’s really about if two parties spoke the same language the issue can simply be solved a lot quicker. 

If you employ a vendor consolidation mindset you can stop chasing your tail. If for example your phone carrier says their service is running great but yet you are dropping calls your IT company should be able to step in and at least pinpoint if not resolve the problem. 

With vendor consolidation you will save time by default. This mindset applies to critical but often overlooked accounts like your domain and email records. Rarely used but they should be documented and accessible by your IT company so you aren’t scrambling trying to find out who controls what.  


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