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NeoTech Networks has 20+ years supporting and servicing major brand name phone systems. Are you a business that sees value in an on site phone system? If you are looking for voip phone system for small business then yes these systems still have value. Guaranteed phone quality and phone lines not dependent on an internet connection.

With NeoTech Networks expertise you can easily still extend the life and get support for your on site phone systems regardless if it’s new, out of warranty or even discontinued. Our cost effective and reliable maintenance contracts include labor, upkeep, programming, expertise and more.

NeoTech Networks Support At A Glance…

voip phone system for small business

We can service most major brand phone systems like Panasonic, Vertical, Nortel, and others

Our support contracts include monthly checkups, backups, and repair labor included

voip phone system for small business

Have a phone system that works but has been discontinued? We can help!

voip phone system for small business

Can program even the most complex of systems And more…

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VOIP Phones

Let’s face it, businesses see phone systems as part of an overall solution to their business workflow and not just an appliance that sits on a desk with a dial tone. Your team needs a reliable voip phone system for small business and the ability to answer business calls on their cell phone. Other benefits include easily able to dial contacts from right within Outlook and more integrated functionality.

Switchback Systems don’t simply provide a VOIP phone system to our clients, we provide an integrated experience. Tired of guessing if you should call your phone or IT provider whenever you have a phone problem? Stop guessing and let Switchback Systems handle both so you can focus on your business instead.

Please also review our Microsoft Teams VOIP systems as well for a total cloud based solution. 


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