We Eat Our Own Dog Food

Yes It Tastes Great And You Will Love It Too!

"Eat your own dog food" is a colloquial expression that describes a company using its own products or services for its internal operations.

Have you ever wondered if your IT company actually uses the same products and solutions they recommend to you? That’s why here at NeoTech we love to eat our own dog food and serve up big portions all day long!

In order for our clients to get the best tech experience possible it’s important that we internally use the same the products and services we recommend. From solutions like Microsoft 365, software such as Teams and Project, security and even password manager you will really benefit from partnering with an IT company that utilizes the same systems they recommend.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

Here Is A Sample

Dinner Menu

Below are some of the products and platforms that many of our clients depend on to run their own business and we heavily use internally to maximize value and expertise.

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