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So patient, with even the most technologically challenged individuals, and able to fix big and small issues with a thorough approach. No doubt about his technical skills - recommend him highly!
Shari P.
Steve Dempsey and the team at NeoTech Networks offer excellent IT support services. They are extremely reliable, professional and knowledgeable - whatever the IT needs are - they get the job done. Steve is also a fantastic business networker and partner. I highly recommend Steve, his company, and his team.
Stephen L.
Web Designer
Steve and his team have provided excellent IT support for my law firm over the past few years. He has consistently addressed our computer issues with a quick response time and a professional manner. We know we can rely on him to provide honest recommendations and consider the big picture in keeping us caught up with the ever changing technology. I highly recommend his services.
Erin O.
Steve is a diligent and effective IT servicer. He and his team promptly respond to issues, they have the expertise and knowledge to analyze, diagnose, and ultimately correct all issues. He has already become a valuable part of our office infrastructure. I strongly recommend utilizing his services.
Lou N.
Financial Operations
As a service provider, Steve is an essential asset to our Operations and IT department and supports our agency as a whole. He displays a superior level of professionalism and expertise in IT and provides ongoing support through efficient and cost effective IT solutions. Steve is trustworthy, reliable and exhibits a wealth of knowledge in the field. I highly recommend Steve as an IT service provider.
Anthony B.
Since I have been working with Steve as a service provider, he has always been professional, focused and super friendly. He is never too busy for us and always gets our IT needs met in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Steve for all your IT needs! He is a pleasure to work with!
Lisa C.
Loan Officer
I interacted with Steve during my consulting assignment at Russian Standard. He was knowledgeable for all IT and computer related issues. When I joined Lanson (an even smaller company) and I was responsible for ensuring our sales team had a resource for any IT issues -- I knew who to call. Steve's rates are fair and affordable -- and the 'banked hours' system provides a great deal of flexibility. For the past 2 years, Steve has been responsive and helpful in many ways. A very valuable resource -- and an overall good guy. I look forward to continuing to work with him the future and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who has IT needs.
Douglass D.
Vice President
Steve has been an invaluable support mechanism to our organization - keeping us up and running at peak performance is a full time job and his commitment to being available, offering service at all times and flexibility has been tremendous. I HIGHLY recommend him as an expert in the field and believe his professional services to be paramount to our success.I look forward to continuing to work with him the future and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who has IT needs.
Dan L.
General Manager
Steve, has always displayed the utmost in professionalism since we first met in the mid-2000's. He is valuable on several levels including the ability to pass along qualified and fully-vetted referrals that lead to ongoing relationships. As well, he is always very responsive when I've mentioned him to my clients who are in the market for his expertise.
Tom P.
We've always been pleased working with Steve. He understands the needs of our small business and suggests solutions that make sense and are cost effective. He always picks up the phone, even if he's not "working," and is able to easily talk me through intermediate solutions to issues that will work until he can get into the office and implement a more permanent solution.
Rick K.
I first worked with Steve when he came through in the clutch for me on a high pressure, short turn around, project. I later continued to work with him because he always seemed interested in hearing what the needs were and coming up with workable solutions.
John R.
Steve has been our IT guy since we moved into our new offices. He came in and helped untangle the mess that our "build as we grow" structure had become. His recommendations are timely and he has proactively managed our needs so that we have few to no service interruptions. We had other service providers before Steve but none could match his level of service and savvy. If you're looking for an IT guy that you can rely on, you need look no further.
Jeff R.

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